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Westford Realty, LLC, was founded in 2009 in recognition that selling a condominium is quite a different process than selling a single family home.  


Westford Realty is associated with Westford Real Estate Management, which has been managing condominiums in Connecticut for more than 20 years.   We are experts in condo associations and the details that make them appealing to many to homeowners.


With that experience we are in a unique position to offer advice and counsel in selling, buying and leasing these properties.  We also offer low MLS listing rates and insights into navigating the sales process.


We know condos. 



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Your Condo Experts



If you are considering listing your condominium unit for sale, you should ask whether he or she knows:

  • What is a mortgage questionnaire, and who is responsible for obtaining it?

  • How much does it cost and how long will it take to provide?

  • What other documents must a condo seller provide?

  • What restrictions does the Association impose on advertising the unit for sale?

  • Which repairs are the Owner's responsibility, and which are the associations?

  • How does my condo compare in all respects to other condos?

  • What restrictions pertain to my condo that a buyer should know about, such as age restrictions, or rules regarding pets and leasing to tenants?

Westford provides all of the above services to its condo clients, and we will take the time to answer any questions before listing your home, giving us a distinct advantage over other real estate agents.

Our agents' vast experience in condominium management allows us to thoroughly and effectively read and understand your condominium's governing documents, and tailor all advertisements to the unique aspects of your home and homeowner's association.


We are able to guide potential buyers through the purchasing process by presenting complex governing documents in easy to understand terms, making potential buyers feel more comfortable and ultimately making the sale of your home smooth, easy, and efficient.


Cost Effective

Westford Realty can save condo sellers thousands of dollars by offering a discounted fee. Most realtors charge a 6% commission for listing and selling your home. Westford Realty's commission never exceeds 4.5%.

On a $300,000 sale that savings represents $4,500!


However, our most popular and cost-effective program is our "Basic MLS" offering, priced at just 3.75%.


Contact Westford Realty for details about our low cost condo listing services.


We are able to make such an attractive offering specifically due to our extensive knowledge of condominiums.


The Realtor Advantage

Some sellers today try to save on real estate commissions by offering their property on their own, a trend known as "for sale by owner" or "FSBO." If successful, an owner can realize huge savings through FSBO. The downside is that it takes time to market and show your property. Access to the "Multiple Listings Service" accessible through a broker is not easily available. You need to be familiar with how the real estate sales process works in Connecticut, to have someone qualified and willing to draw the sales contract, and a person or firm qualified to close your sales transaction. A realtor can recommend repairs or cosmetic changes that will enhance your property for sale. With a realtor, strangers do not enter your home unescorted; only a qualified potential buyer can view the premises.


Westford Realty - The Best of Both

We bring all the advantages to you that a full service, fully licensed broker brings, but we also reduce your costs of selling. When it comes to selling condos, Westford Realty offers the best of both worlds!

Contact us for a free market analysis of your property.

Condo Real Estate Sales

Westford provides professional real estate services to condominium owners throughout Connecticut --Leveraging our;


  • People

  • Process

  • and Technology


To deliver superior results one client at a time.

Professional and licensed Real Estate Services including; 


  • Condo Sales

  • MLS Services

  • Condo Rentals

  • Market Analysis


For more information Call or Contact Us.


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Low Commission Rates - Never more than 4.5 % 




Basic MLS Services Offered at 3.75 %

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